About Us

Our 'story' is below. When we decided to live solely off our income from our Etsy business, we knew we needed to drastically cut expenses. We found a 'shed' on Craigslist, it became our home for the next 4 years. If you are determined, you do what you have to do. For us, this was the answer to freedom. If you want to see our tiny 400 foot house, click on the first link. Karen Brown, a writer for the Etsy blog, did a nice write-up about our house and business, you can find it on the second link below. We do not live in the tiny house any more - it was what enabled us to live on our tiny wages as we built our business. We now live in a 540 square foot mansion!

Our next family goal was to create a business and lifestyle that would allow us freedom to travel and volunteer. Not owning a traditional home, and living a very simple lifestyle has given us opportunities to work from some most amazing places. Thanks to our simple lifestyle, we now often travel. Our part of the work involves sample making, photography, creating new designs and listings, communication with customers, processing the orders, preparing the shipping labels and packing slips, and digitizing the embroidery every day. Since much of this is 'digital', we have been able to work from the Galapagos Islands, the border of Brazil and Bolivia, Ecuador, the Philippines, and Taiwan. Next up.....China! None of this would have been possible without trustworthy and diligent workers like we have, you can read about them in the shop profiles section. We also need good internet....and Dropbox......and Google Drive, and Magic Jack! We have the world's best suppliers also - with an email or a phone call they get it done.

A huge Thank You to our Etsy customers for making our life possible!

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