Luvies! An idea on luvies (or lovies) - what they are, how to use them

First - in honor of our first blog post, one free personalized luvy will be given away on February 20, 2017.  Read on!

This is a post on our smallest size 'blanket', the luvy!  This tiny scrap of a blanket is known by hard core blanket addicts as a luvy, a lovie, a woobie, a travel blanket, a security blanket, and many more imaginative names.

As for sizes - all our minky is cut into three sizes, the small luvy, a medium infant size, and a crib size. The smallest size is called a luvy. You may have noticed we have two sizes of luvies, a 15 x 18 and a 18 x 22, but what makes the difference in size is the ruffle.  So a non ruffle luvy will be 14 x 17, a ruffled version will be 18 x 22.

The luvy is a small size blanket, designed for babies to 'love on', or haul around.  It has many uses, first of which is to bring comfort to a baby.  Its small size is ideal for carrying around - without being dragged on the floor.  Many parents, auties and family friends choose them for their economical price, a great way to get a personalized keepsake, and the child will use it for a long time.  They are perfect lap blankets for a baby in an infant carrier or swing.  Later they will come in handy to wrap a beloved stuffed animal or dolly in.  Below are some of the photos sent to us by happy luvy customers.  

Little girl holding a dolly with her luvy

Luvy being used with an infant carrier

Little girl holding her luvy

Little girl holding her luvy

And lastly, this is a video a sweet customer made of our three luvy sizes - note, the ruffle will add about four to five inches to the size, the minky part will remain the same size: 

And a photo to help you visualize the sizes: 

baby laying on a blanket

So, whichever size blanket you choose, rest assured that the infant luvy size will be put to good use!

We will give away one free luvy of your color choice to one of the commenters below!   Winner will be drawn on Monday, Feb 20, 2016.

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