Bolivia, and a lesson in gratefulness

When we began this business, it was with the intentions of eventually using the income to live overseas as volunteers.  Four years ago we finally were able to make the move.  We first moved to Taiwan, for a year and a half to help us learn Chinese (haha, that did not work so well, turns out you need 15 or more years to learn this language).  So, we decided to move to Bolivia.  We still work - we would normally come back every year or so to sew and re-stock the shop.  This was always around December to February.  This year we could not get back, for obvious reasons.  I am glad we did not leave, as it would now be impossible to get back to Bolivia.  The borders have been sealed for months, no one in, no one out.  However, back in the USA at our shop we have plenty of stock on hand, and we have two seamstresses who make the custom blankets.  So, we will wait out Corona virus here in Bolivia....

Meanwhile, I am thinking of reasons to be grateful.  These dear people have taught me so much.  We lived in a junge town named Riberalta for two years, will post later about what I learned from them.  The first photo  is of a little boy and his dog, in the city of Cochabamba.  It was 9:00 pm on a weekday, he was selling bubblegum near a large, modern shopping mall.  We bought all of it, and he promised he would go home.  He said he had school in the morning.  He was a happy, hard-working boy, and was truly grateful for the sale, as evidenced by his enormous smile.  As we talked, his joy was transmitted to his doggy by means of furious patting and rubbing.  Even the doggie had reason to feel grateful.  What a lesson.....

I want to be like this little guy, truly grateful for any amount of work given to us.  Sometimes there is little, sometimes a lot, but it is always enough.

a lesson on gratefulness, taught by a 9 year old boy and his dog

a lesson on gratefulness, a boy and his dog

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